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1. Buhari went for surgery in January.
2. The story was that he didn’t quite make it and was brain-dead.
3. Aisha came back crying in April.
4. Aisha was later barred by Mamman Daura and Abba Kyari from seeing Buhari.
5. In June/July, Buhari started receiving visitors in London.
6. Story was that he was always laughing (methinks his double was still learning the ropes and was always laughing to hide what he didn’t know).
7. Buhari supposedly arrived Nigeria in July.
8. The Buhari wasn’t holding meetings or seen in public.
9. The Buhari became more vicious (even beyond his own evil threshold).
10. Nnamdi Kanu alleged he was Jubrin, buhari’s look-alike from Sudan and not Buhari.
11. FFK had a private interview alleging it was a double (buhari’s look-alike, Jubrin from Sudan)
masquerading as president buhari.
12. AIT was threatened with calamity should the interview be aired.
13. The interview was docked and AIT paid.
14. Ango Abdulahi had earlier alleged he was a double Buhari.
15. The Army was sent to attack Nnamdi Kanu and kill him so that the information will be buried, unfortunately for the Army Nnamdi Kanu disappeared and appeared in Israel.
16. The attack was most unwise and was too risky to the country, yet it happened (the cabal wants
the story dead by whatever means).
17. The IPOB attack backfired, even Orji Uzo Kanu who was contracted to execute Nnamdi Kanu’s assassination now dumped by APC and barred from traveling out of Nigeria because of the failed contract.
18. The world powers commenced asking questions.
19. The London surgeons are being questioned.
20. America, UK, France are smelling blood and seek engagements.
21. Buhari or Jubrin/Cabal are vulnerable and pull out of most global organizations.
22. The alleged double (buhari’s look-alike, Jubrin from Sudan) doesn’t look up the few times he’s in public.
23. The alleged double seems 15yrs younger.
24. The alleged double is somewhat shorter than the twin.
25. The alleged double has a different earlobe.
26. The alleged double has a hairline a distance away from the ears.
27. The alleged double is darker brown.
28. No one undergoing chemotherapy would have facial hair intact at the time.
29. The new Buhari sees without glasses.
30. The new one has a different nose; beaked like an Arab’s.
31. Remembered the Rat invested President’s office saga that made him stay away from his office ??…. It was all a cabal lie! The real reason was because the fingerprint of the new Buhari couldn’t open the door of the Real PMB, the Cabal cooked the story in other to buy more time and use the avenue to remove the old security doors and replace with new ones. You could remember that everything in the president’s office was removed and replaced with new one before the fake Buhari entered.
32. Zahra complains to the minister and not her “father”.
32. The Army is suddenly very powerful and
extremely dumb!
33. All Buhari children and his wife are no more in Aso Rock, the wife is under Oath not to say the truth or she will be killed by the Cabal.
34. UK and USA know the truth but used the opportunity to negotiate for more economic interest with the capal.
35. In other to satisfy external interest and embezzle more money by the Cabal, Nigerian economy is now the Headquarters of poverty in the world according to global rating index.

The Cabal is not interested in improving the economy of Nigeria, they are like Yahoo boys or a kidnapper who has kidnapped the entire economy. Since the fake Buhari entered, have you witnessed a major project going on in Nigeria. You only hear of promises and 1000 lies from Lai Muhammad. You will discover everything here to be true.


  1. what’s destroying us mostly in this country is religion, as far as that buhari imposter’s jubrin is Islam’s man,that settle’s it.

  2. Nawao! Wonder will never seized. Am beginning to believe this guy oo…especially the rat infested saga used in changing the security of the president office.

  3. my father said how many time something will happened to u u now know something. my brother my sister use your thong and count ur teeth Nigeria is a flood.

  4. my father said how many time something will happened to u u now know something. my brother my sister use your thong and count ur teeth Nigeria is a flood.

  5. No concern citizen of this country will put behind him this solemn truth about the happenings is in Nigeria today. Deception all over. The fact remains that no matter how long one may try burry the truth,one day it will forcefully raise it head up for all to see. Time shall tell.

  6. evil shall consume them all,they will rotten and decay while alive.all of those that brought hardship on the unsuspecting citizen of this contraption called Nigeria in bid of trying to perpetuate themselves in power.

  7. Why is that Hausa people always feel that they are born to rule. They are very wicked, heartless and deceptive. Look at what is happening in Nigeria and people were blind folded. Instead of them to allow VP to rule, they brought a stranger to control the affairs of the country. Using the means to synphone Nigéria money in their pocket. Yet they are fighting against corruption.

  8. But, come to think of it,how come that out of about 140,000000(140million Nigerians, it is only Mazi Nnamudi KANU that knows all these? It is true that one can deceive some people sometimes, and even all the people sometimes, but it is not possible to deceive ALL the People All the time! Please, help me.

    • What is the Vice President doing about this revelation ? Mr VP, tell us Nigerians that this is not true or u are also a good fake ? ? ?.

  9. Every day is for the thief, but a day is for the owner of the house. so is time for nigeria bust the secreat of the cabals is to be made open. orji uzo kalu collected money to kill his bros from the infedels shame unto him as the repacution has come.

  10. Nwa siri na nne ya agaghi ehi ura, Ya Nwa agaghi ehi ura, The child that denies his mother sleep is also awake, God’s time is the best, no matter what, the truth must be told,no matter how bitter ,God never fades

  11. god will punish and destroy completely both new buari and d cabals dat brought stranger to rule us in dis country bcos of their own selfish interest.

  12. I know buhari died since, but God will surely help us to fight this battle,nnamdi kanu plz we need ur help beg Israel to come to our rescue before d zoo will finish us

  13. It could be true bcos Nigeria is ruled by cabals who can go extra mile to do anything for their selfish interest I think the Truth will come up when the stranger did not win 2019.let’s all wake up we should not allow the future of this country to wast in the hand of a stanger


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